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  • Prospects Introduction

    1. Anti-violence, anti-corruption, and anti-vote-buying. 2. Strictly follow the due process of law in order to protect human rights. 3. Focusing on the protection of victims of crimes, including the indemnification of victims and their families, and seek compensation from the criminals. 4. Promotion of legal education, probation, after-care, and community treatment during suspension of prosecution in order to prevent crimes. 5. Actively push forward the judicial reform and proceed with trial advocacy of public prosecution. 6. Make better teamwork and integrate the overall strength to complete our missions jointly. 7. Reinforcement of back-up support, e.g. improve office environment. 8. Value human dignity and improve our service measures and attitude in order to gain more trust from the general public.


  • Location Map and Directions

    Address: 190 Shidong Road, Taipei, TaiwanPostal Code: 11151 Telephone: 28331911Bus Stop:Tianmu Sports Park:285,203,279,602,606,616,645,646,685,R12,268 Lanya Junior High School:203,268,279,285,602,606,616,645,646,685, R12 Zhi-Shan Li:206, 280, 602, 685, R15 Shidong Elementary School:220, 612, 902MRT: Zhi-Shan Station, Tamshui LineTelephone Number of the Service Center:28331911 Ext. 5614 or 1130 Office Hours: 8:30 to 17:30

Jurisdiction Area

  • Jurisdiction area of Shilin district Prosecutors Office

    The jurisdiction area of Shilin district Prosecutors Office includes Shilin district, Beitou district, Datong district, Neihu district, Nangang district of Taipei City, and Xizhi district, Tanshui district, Bali district, Sanzhi district, Shimen district of New Taipei City. The total area is 479.587 sq. km. The total population is 1.40 million as of June 30, 2004.    

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