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Taiwan After-Care Association , Shi-Lin Branch

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1. Introduction

Taiwan After-Care Association was established on November 11, 1946. Now, there are totally 19 branches in district prosecutors offices all over Taiwan. The After-Care Act was passed and become effective on April 8, 1976. According to the Act, this Association is under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. This branch was established on August 8, 1987.

2. Organization

This branch is lead by a chairperson, There are four members in the standing committee and seven committee members in this branch. We have a Chief Secretary, a Deputy Chief Secretary, and two secretaries (part-time). We also have a full-time Deputy Chief Secretary and a full-time secretary.

We have 10 districts under the supervision of this branch in which there are 10 chief counselors and 100 counselors.

3. Objects of Protection

According to Article 2 of the After-Care Act, the following people shall be under protection:

(1) After execution of imprisonment or release because of pardon

(2) Bail or seeking medical care

(3) After security treatment or exempted from treatment

(4) After the discipline of juvenile delinquency in juvenile correctional-education schools

(5) Non-prosecution in accordance with Article 253 of Criminal Procedure Act and Article 147 of Military Trial Act.

(6) Exempted from the announcement of the penalty or exempted from the execution of the penalty

(7) Suspension of the penalty

(8) Suspension of execution of imprisonment or being refused by the prison

(9) Minors under probation

(10) Probationers

4. Means of Protection

We value the free will of the prisoners. Therefore, we offer our service upon their consent or application. We provide assistance in the matters regarding their living, career, education, and medical care.

Direct Protection:

Mid-Way Home-

We cooperate with the Mid-Way Home of the Christian Church to protect young people. We teach them to behave well with the warmth of home and help them start a new life.

Job Opportunity
In order to teach the people under protection to work as well as the skills to join the work force, we established companies for them to work in. This is a good way to prevent those people from committing crimes again and protect the safety of our society.

Job Training

Those under protection may attend the courses in public job training schools to learn the skills for work.

Indirect Protection Job

We help the people who have just been released from jail to find jobs.


We offer scholarships to the people who have just been released from jail to go to school.

Medical Care

We offer assistance of medical care for people who are seriously ill or mentally retarded.

Emergency Help

We offer an emergency fund to the people who suffer from serious accident or disaster and cannot solve the problem by themselves.

Other Service

Including group activities, in-prison guidance, legal education, art and cultural activities, etc.

Temporary Protection

Travel Expense

We offer money to people who have just been released from jail and want to go home for family reunion but lack travel expenses.

Living Expense
We sponsor the people whose home is far and need to stay several days waiting for transportation cannot afford such living expense.

Residential Registration

If there is any difficulty in the registration of residence for the people who have just been released from jail, we will offer assistance in dealing with the problem.

Medical Expense
If the people who have just been released from jail are sick or have trouble moving, we will escort them home or to other places. We will also help them to pay the medical expenses if they are truly in need.


If the people who have just been released from jail have serious physical or mental illness, or are too old or too young to travel by themselves, we will escort them home or to other places.


If the people who have just been released from jail have the ability to run small businesses but lack fund, we will offer them small loans to help them start their businesses.

We have established hot-pot restaurants for the people who have just been released from jail to work in.

Generally speaking, it is hard for the people who have just been released from jail to find jobs. Therefore, we have established hot-pot restaurants for them to work in. The first one opened on October 10, 2002 in Zhong-He. The second one opened on July 4, 2003. The third one opened in the early 2004. Those restaurants are sponsored by Taiwan After-Care Association. They are operating well. We welcome you to visit those restaurants and give us your comments.

Zhong-He Restaurant: 82, Ju-Guang Road, Zhong-He City, Taipei County. Telephone: 886 - 2 - 29624548

Xin-Dien Restaurant: 88, Min Quan Road, Xin-Dien City, Taipei County. Telephone: 886 - 2 - 86675132

Bei-Tou Restaurant: 532, Zhong-Yang N. Rd., Bei-Tou District, Taipei City. Telephone: 886 - 2 - 28986617

5. Procedure of Protection

(1) According to Article 84 of the Prison Enforcement Act, prisoners shall be inquired what kind of assistance they may need after being released. The prisons may contact us if they think that the prisoner needs help after being released. The prisoners may also ask us for help.

(2) After receiving the information that someone needs help, we will immediately send a counselor to visit the person in need of help. Then, we will provide assistance according to the need of such person.

(3) After consultation, counselors will report the result to us. If the counselor cannot solve the problem alone, we will provide him/her with further support.

6. Future Plans

In the past, there were only three steps in handling criminal cases, i.e. investigation, trial, and execution. Now, we have four steps, i.e. investigation, trial, execution, and after-care. As long as after-care cooperates well with the prisons, we will be able to maximize the function of reforming and re-educating the criminals. Therefore, after-care is an important part in the operation of criminal justice. In the future, we will consolidate the after-care system, strengthen our function, and cooperate with the government's criminal policies. We earnestly request that the general public truly accept and care those people being released from prison and provide them with more job opportunities. Your acceptance and positive response will let them live on their own again.

Taiwan After-Care Association, Shi-Lin Branch

Address: 190, Shi-Dong Road, Shi-Lin District, Taipei City

Telephone: 886 - 2 - 28332699

Recruiting Volunteer Counselors:

We welcome the retired people, housewives, or other people who are interested in joining the workforce of after-care counselors. Please contact Ms. Tsai at 02-28332699.




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