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photo of ShiLin District Prosecutors Office

    Because the Jurisdiction of Taipei District Prosecutors Office was too large, there had been more and more cases which exceed the workload of Taipei District Prosecutors Office. In addition, due to the limited land area, it was difficult to build more office buildings. In order to provide better service, promote the efficiency of handling cases, protect people’s rights, the authorities concerned established Taipei District Prosecutors Office, Ban-Ciao Branch in 1981 and Shi-Lin Branch in 1984.


    Because of the fast growth of the population in Taipei metropolitan area, the original office building was not enough for our increasingly large staff members. Therefore, the Second Office Building, which is for the use of Probation Officer Office and the office for other administrative affairs, was established in June 1991. On July 1, 1995, the Shi-Lin Branch of Taipei District Prosecutors Office changed its official name into Shilin District Prosecutors Office.


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