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Association for Victims Support , Shi-Lin Branch

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Association for Victims Support


Our criminal policy values not only defendant rights, but also victim protection. Therefore, we have promulgated the Criminal Victims Protection Act on May 27, 1998. The enforcement rules for such Act and the establishment rules for the association for protection of criminal victims were also promulgated by the Ministry of Justice on September 27, 1998 and January 21, 1999 respectively.

According to the foregoing laws, this Association is a non-profit organigation under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. This Association was established on January 29, 1999. And the Shi-Lin Branch was established on April 1, 1999. We are responsible for the protection of criminal victims in the Districts of Shi-Lin, Beitou, Neihu, Nan-Gang, Da-Tung of Taipei City, and Township of Xi-Zhi, Shi-Men, Ba-Li, Dan-Shue, San-Zhi of Taipei County. We cooperate with the government and private organizations to help the victims start a new life.


Our goal is to help the criminal victims and their family members with their difficulties and rebuild the order of their lives.

Who are protected?

1. Victims of criminal acts who are severely injured.

2. The following family members of the victims died as a result of the criminal acts.

(1) Parents, spouses, and children

(2) Grandparents

(3) Grandchildren

(4) Brothers and sisters

3. The support for the family members listed from (2) to (4) will be limited to the maintenance of their living.

4. If the death of the victim or the family members listed in the foregoing paragraph 2 is caused by the people listed in the same paragraph, they are not protected by us.

Our Service:

1. Accommodate Victims: If the victims are homeless, we will find a place (such as government or social welfare organization) to accommodate them.

2. Medical Service: If the victims are physically or mentally injured because of the criminal acts, we will help them to seek medical assistance and rehabilitation.

3. Legal Assistance: We provide legal assistance to victims who want to file civil or criminal lawsuits against the criminals.

4. Indemnification: We assist the victims in seeking indemnification from the district prosecutors offices.

5. Social Assistance: If the victims are in need and have trouble in their living, we will help them to seek social assistance from government or social welfare organizations.

6. Investigation Assistance: In order to make sure that the victims will be indemnified, we will contact with related government agencies to investigate into the criminal’s financial status.

7. Safety Protection: If the victims may have further danger because of the previous criminal act, we will contact the police to take proper measures to protect the victims.

8. Mental Guidance: If the victims are mentally injured, we will provide mental guidance to help them recover from such injury.

9. Life Restoration: We will help the victims with education, job searching, job training, career planning, counseling, information and resources.

10. Trust Management: If the people under our protection is a minor, the indemnification may be put into trust by us before reaching adult.

11. Emergency Assistance: If the victims have trouble to support their living, we will provide emergency assistance or help them seek emergency assistance.

12. Provide security bond: If the people under protection want to file lawsuits against the criminals according to Section 1 of Article 9 of the Criminal Victims Protection Act but are unable to provide the security bond to seize the criminals’ property, we will provide the security bond upon their application.

13. Visit and care: We will actively visit and take care of the people under our protection in order to understand their difficulties and provide necessary assistance.

How to Apply Indemnification for Criminal Victim?

1. What is indemnification for criminal victim?

Indemnification for criminal victim is provided by the government to indemnify the severely injured victims and the family members of the died victims because of the criminal acts (both intentional and negligent).

The classification and the maximum amount of indemnification for criminal victim are listed below:

victim’s family Indemnification
1. NT$ 400,000: medical expense of the victim.

2. NT$ 300,000: funeral expense

3. NT$ 1,000,000: loss of maintenance of the legal dependent of the dead victim

The family member of the dead victim

Severely injured victim indemnification
1. NT$ 400,000: medical expense of the victim.

2. NT$ 1,000,000: the loss or reduction of the ability to work or increase of the living expense the severely injured victim

2. Who may apply?

victim’s family indemnification
The following family members are qualified for the application:

(1) Parents, spouses, and children

(2) Grandparents

(3) Grandchildren

(4) Brothers and sisters

The family members listed first have the priority to file the application.

Grandparents, grandchildren,

brothers and sisters may apply only if they were the dependents of the victim.

Severely injured victim indemnification
The victims severely injured by the criminal acts
1. The definition of the severely injured victim is in Section 4 of Article 10 of the Criminal Code.

2. If the victim is injured so severely that he/she is unable to file the application, his/her parents, spouse, children, grandparents, grandchildren,

brothers and sisters may apply on his/her behalf.

3. Where to apply?

(1) the committee for reviewing criminal victim indemnification in the prosecutor office in the place where the criminal act occurred.

(2) the various branches of the Association for Criminal Victim Protection.

4. When to apply?

(1) The criminal act or the consequence of the criminal act must be after the effective date of the Criminal Victim Protection Act.

(2) The application must be filed within two years from knowing the criminal act or five years from the happening of the criminal act.

The Association for Protection of Victims of Criminal Acts, Shi-Lin Branch


Address: 190, Shi-Dong Road, Taipei City

Telephone: 886 - 2 - 28381162

Fax: 886 - 2 - 28381163

E-mail: cvpa05@ms37.hinet.net


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