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Execution of Criminal Policies

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  • Last updated:2023-03-24
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Execution of Criminal Policies

Crime is a kind of anti-social behavior, which destroys the social order and endangers social security. Therefore, it is our responsibility, as well as the government's criminal policy, to defeat and prevent the crimes.

1. Anti-violence It is our prime task to investigate into major violent crimes. Therefore, we assign section chief prosecutors and prosecutors to form a specialized team and integrate police officers, investigators, and military police to investigate into organized crimes.

2. Anti-corruption In order to improve the civil service ethics, we formed an " Anti-Corruption Enforcement Team" in September 1993, combining prosecutors, investigators and staff members from the Department of Civil Service Ethics to defeat the crimes regarding corruption.

3. Anti-drugs In order to ensure the health of our people, we organized a "Drug Enforcement Team" in July 1994, integrating the police officers, investigators, and military police to investigate into the crimes regarding illegal drugs.

4. Anti-bribery in elections In order to establish a fair and equitable practice in our elections, we formed a special task force, supervising the police officers and investigators to investigate into crimes regarding bribery in elections.

5. Investigate into computer and internet crimes As the internet becomes more popular these days, computer and internet crimes are also increasing very fast. In order to prevent such new type of crime, we combine the forces of prosecutors, police officers, investigators, telecommunication experts, and information experts to investigate into the crime and ensure the public order and security on the internet.

6. Prevent sex transactions of minors In order to protect the children and teenagers, we formed a special task force in January 1996 according to the "Act for the Prevention of Sex Transactions of Minors" and the enforcement rules of such Act to investigate into crimes regarding sex transactions of minors.

7. Prevent economic crimes In order to establish a more stable economic environment, we formed a special task force to investigate into cases regarding economic crimes and illegal transactions in stock market.

8. Promote legal education In order to promote legal education to the general public, we assign prosecutors and probation officers to give speeches in organizations and schools. We also cooperate with radio stations and make programs about common legal knowledge.

9. Supervise mediations In order to improve the function of mediations, we assign prosecutors to the mediation commissions to supervise the proceedings and explain the laws and regulations to the staffs of the mediation commissions with a view to increasing the use of mediation as a means of alternative dispute resolution and reducing the litigation cases.

10. Investigate into crimes regarding intellectual properties In order to protect intellectual properties, we work actively to suppress illegal CD-ROMs and piracy. We assign prosecutors specialized in intellectual property rights to handle those cases.

11. Investigate into smuggling and organized crimes In order to protect the safety of people’s life and property, we do our best to investigate into smuggling and organized crimes.

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