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Civil Service Ethics

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  • Last updated:2023-11-14
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Civil Service Ethics

1. Promotion of Legal Knowledge In general meetings and other opportunities, we provide our staff members with information about the laws and cases with regard to civil service ethics related to the daily operation of this Office.

2. Anti-Corruption

(1) Prevention is more important than punishment. We prevent corruption by monitoring the performance of anti-corruption measures and analyzing past corruption cases in this Office.

(2) Investigate into unusual events and cases reported by the general public and the media regarding this Office

(3) Handle accusation of corruption: We have a box for accusation letters (PO Box 105-102, Taipei) and a telephone number (886 - 2 - 28363754) for the accusation of corruption.

(4) We have an E-mail address (slcn@mail.moj.gov.tw) for people to report corruption.

3. Deal with property declaration, review and check in accordance with the Act Regarding Property Declaration of Civil Service Officers and related Rules.

4. Confidentiality

(1) Let our staff members understand the importance of confidentiality in work and the way to preserve it.

(2) Promote confidentiality measures and set up plans to keep the confidential information in order to prevent the confidential information from disclosure. If there is any disclosure, it will be handled pursuant to the laws.

5. Security

(1) In order to ensure the safety of this Office, we have made a variety of plans to prevent any danger or destruction from happening to this Office.

(2) Help with handling petitions and protesters in order to prevent the situation from worsening and endangering the safety of this Office. Execute the “Plan for the Safety of the Chief” and the “Project for the Safety of Judicial Personnel” of this Office in order to ensure the safety of the judicial personnel.

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